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Official Sigur Rós Film: Dauðalogn

Dauðalogn is a spiritual and meditative journey into nature.

Since the time of our earliest ancestors, nature has been a source for inspiration, imagination, and wisdom. Nature is where we come from. Even in this modern age, its energy still flows through our veins. Being in nature, we see the world our ancestors saw: a place of beauty, a place to reflect, a place to learn, and a place to connect with the heart and soul.

About the film location

Filming took place deep in the primeval forest of Yakushima, a remote island in southern Japan. I chose this location both for its unique beauty and because the story of Yakushima was representative of the often fragile relationship between humans and nature. The giant trees on the island were once revered as sacred by locals. They lived for thousands of years but for the past 5 centuries they were logged to near extinction. The scarred landscape coupled with the dramatic way in which the forest has recovered made for a picturesque and magical atmosphere.

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3 thoughts on “Official Sigur Rós Film: Dauðalogn

  1. Eligio says:

    fantastica questa musica

  2. Eligio says:

    mi piace il genere musicale grazie

  3. Eligio says:

    Trovo questo genere fantastico trasmette energia
    interiore e si contemplare l’essere

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