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2016 American Southwest Timelapse Workshop in Southern Utah and Northern Arizona

April 11th– 15th, 2016

White Pocket

Join filmmaker and photographer Henry Jun Wah Lee for an intimate, hands-on timelapse and photography workshop in Southern Utah and Northern Arizona. This five day workshop, held April 11th to 15th, 2016, is limited to only 5 participants. We will be shooting in the remote desert wilderness of Vermillion Cliffs, White Pocket, Grand Canyon North Rim, and other areas between Kanab, Utah and Page, Arizona. The workshop begins in Kanab, UT and ends in Page, AZ.

Featured in 2 of my Vimeo Staff pick short films, The Wild Heart (https://vimeo.com/36765371) and Alchemy (https://vimeo.com/63186969), this photogenic region is one of my favorite areas to go. Now I am sharing it with a limited number of you. :)

Skill Level: Intermediate Beginner to Advanced. This workshop assumes you understand basic timelapse shooting techniques and have had some experience shooting timelapse. Contact me if you are unsure of your skill level.

Topics covered: Day to night timelapse, astro timelapse (with the milky way), multi axis motion control, timelapse processing and editing.

This area of the American Southwest contains really unique and mind-blowing landscapes far away from civilization and protected by deep sand. We’ll be camping part of the trip as some of our destinations are very remote and hard to get to. We’ll have a driver, cook, camper and guide to assist us.

The workshop takes place around the first quarter moon when the soft light gentley illuminates the landscape while allowing the Milky Way to be seen clearly. 

What You Will Learn

Timelapse photography is both an art and a science.  You will learn all of the skills and techniques Henry uses to shooting professional quality timelapses, including planning, shooting, processing and editing. More importantly, you get to learn the essence of timelapse beyond equipment and numbers that you can not get from books or online forums. For five days you will be fully immersed in the craft of capturing the magic of nature through timelapse.

White Pocket

What You Will Need to Bring


  • Camera – DSLR. A camera that has manual exposure settings and can shoot RAW is highly recommended. Having a second DSLR is also highly recommended as backup or to shoot additional scenes.
  • Lenses – fast lenses (f/2.8 or faster) are highly recommended for capturing the night sky. Bring all the focal lengths you want to shoot with but be sure to bring a wide or ultra wide angle lens. Manual lenses from Rokinon (such as the 14 2.8 and the 24 1.4) and Zeiss are highly recommended for timelapse.
  • Tripod with ball head
  • Intervalometer
  • Memory cards – 2 or more 64 GB or larger cards are highly recommended
  • Plenty of extra batteries and battery charger – expect to use 2-4 batteries per day. A battery grip that holds 2 batterys will allow you to shoot longer sequences without running out of power
  • Headlamp or flashlight – One with a dimmer function and a red light / filter option is recommended.
  • Laptop computer – to preview, process and edit your shots. Bring a memory card reader or usb cable for your camera so you can transfer your shots.
  • Smart Phone or tablet with GPS functionality– there are some helpful and powerful apps that will help us shoot


Highly Recommended:

  • If you already have your own motion control gear, bring it! It is a good time to put it all to good use
  • Neutral Density Filters


Sponsored by:


LRTimelapse - advanced time lapse photography made easy.


Workshop Fee:

Cost for this unique timelapse workshop is $2995. Due to the small size of this workshop, a nonrefundable $500 deposit is due upon registration to guarantee your spot. The remaining balance is due in 2 equal installments on January 1st and March 1st. The workshop fee includes 4WD transportation, food and camping expenses while we’re out in the wilderness. Navajo entrance fees, transportation and guide costs will also be covered. You’ll just need to cover hotel and food costs while we’re in town. If you have a high clearance 4wd truck, you’re welcome to take it with you but be aware that there is very deep sand in spots. Itinerary will be based on weather.

Cancellation Policy

Cancel after March 1st: No refund

Questions and Contact Information

If you have questions about this event or wish to sign up over the phone, please email info@evosia.com or call 310-980-8645


About Henry Jun Wah Lee

Henry Jun Wah Lee is an internationally-recognized filmmaker and photographer. His work has appeared worldwide on television and film. They have also been featured on Yahoo, MSN, AOL, The Weather Channel, Gizmodo, Mashable, Petapixel, io9, NPR, Pitchfork, Huffington Post, Slate, LA TImes, The Atlantic, and many more.

Henry’s clients include Sigur Ros, Mono, BBC, PBS, Epson, Sharp, Panasonic, SmugMug, Japan Railroad Company, the British Government and the European Union.

Read a recent interview with Henry in The Atlantic.

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