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Video: Ephemeral 8K

On Youtube in 4K:

Ephemeral is a film about the ever-changing state of nature. As humans, we expect everything to be the same — day in and day out. But if we look to nature, we see that nothing lasts forever. The universe is in a constant state of change.

Shot over 12 months, the film covers Iceland in its various states of change. From the long days of summer to the long nights of winter, the stunning colors of the midnight sun to the equally breathtaking northern lights, the green and lush summer to the snow-covered winter, Iceland is a great example of extreme opposites and drastic change when nature’s elements come together in all of its beauty, growth and destruction.

Music is the song “Adventure” by Justin R Durban – justindurban.com

Thanks to our sponsors:
Kessler: for their amazing tools for filmmakers. I was fortunate to shoot with their Second Shooter for all my motion controlled shots. kesslercrane.com

LRTimelapse: Gunther’s software is a must-have tool for processing professional quality timelapses. lrtimelapse.com

Glacier Car Rental: for providing me with transportation so I could shoot at all of these fabulous locations. glaciercarrental.is
Shot, edited, and available in 8K.

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