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2017 Iceland Winter Expedition for Filmmakers with Kessler Crane

March 19-25th, 2017


Iceland’s combination of stunning natural beauty, otherworldly landscapes and breathtaking northern lights make it a magical destination for filmmakers. Join Evosia Studio’s Henry Jun Wah Lee and special guest Eric Kessler, owner of Kessler Crane, for a 7-day filmmaker’s expedition to explore and capture the best of what Iceland has to offer.


Expedition Highlights:*

• Specifically designed for filmmakers, with emphasis on timelapse photography and aerial cinematography.
• Special guest Eric Kessler of Kessler Crane will talk shop about all things Kessler.
• Capture epic scenes of beauty in the snow/ice-covered highlands, glaciers, ice caves, lagoons, rivers, mountains, and waterfalls.
• Chase and shoot the awe-inspiring Northern Lights with some of the best aurora hunters in Iceland.
• Learn or strengthen your skills shooting timelapse with one of the premier timelapse filmmakers in the world.
• Hone your skills shooting with Kessler film tools.
• Expand your creative horizons by taking to the air using drones.
• Flexible itinerary that follows the best light and weather conditions on the island.
• Travel by winter equipped 4-wheel drive vehicles and super jeeps to off-the-beaten-path locations that are otherwise impossible to reach.
• A maximum of 12 participants to keep the workshop nimble and highly personalized.

*Weather and other conditions permitting.


Epic Locations:**

• The southern highlands of Thórsmörk, an oasis of moss covered mountains and glacial rivers huddled between giant glaciers.
• Ice caves within Vatnajokull glacier, the largest glacier in Iceland.
• The geothermally active central highlands of Kerlingarfjoll and Kveravellir.
• Hidden glacial outlets and lagoons around Vatnajokull glacier.
• The mighty Dettifoss, Aldeyjarfoss and Godafoss waterfalls in the northern highlands covered in snow and ice.

**Final locations and activities will depend on weather and the route we will take across Iceland.


What to Expect:

Iceland is a cinematographer’s paradise but its weather can be highly unpredictable. We can experience sun, wind, rain, snow, sleet and perfect stillness — all within the span of a few hours. This can create very dramatic, stunning conditions to shoot in. Being in the right place at the right time is key. Our experienced guides will monitor weather to determine the best locations for the trip based on what nature gives us.

We will be traveling by winter-equipped 4 wheel drive vans and super-jeeps to most our destinations. This allows us to go to places not normally accessible in winter. Because many of our potential locations are remote, our typical stay will be at simple, Scandinavian-style hotels and guesthouses run by locals. We may also spend 1-2 nights in rustic mountain huts.


What You Will Need to Bring


• Camera – DSLR or Mirrorless. A camera that has manual exposure settings and can shoot RAW is highly recommended.
• Lenses – Bring all the focal lengths you want to shoot. All focal lengths from ultra-wide to super-teles will be useful for this trip. Zoom lenses are going to be very convenient to have although primes are still the lenses of choice for ultimate quality.
• Tripod with ball head.
• Intervalometer. One for each camera.
• Memory cards – 3 or more 64 GB or larger cards are highly recommended. 128 or 256 GB cards for high megapixel cameras. You want them large enough to be able to shoot at least 1200 images each.
• Plenty of extra batteries and battery charger – expect to use 2-3 batteries per day. A battery grip that holds 2 batterys will allow you to shoot longer sequences without running out of power. Plan to have enough power for 2 full days without charging.
• Laptop computer – to preview, process and edit your shots. Bring a memory card reader or usb cable for your camera so you can transfer your shots.
• 4 TB hard drive for storage. An additional hard drive is highly recommended for backup.
• Smart Phone or tablet with GPS functionality– there are some helpful and powerful apps that will help us shoot.
• Neutral density and graduated ND filters.


Highly Recommended:

• If you already have your own motion control gear, bring it! It is a good time to put it all to good use.
• Photographer’s insurance – to cover your equipment in case of accidents.
• International travel and medical insurance – to cover unexpected travel or health issues.


Workshop Fee: 

$6795. A $2000 deposit is due upon registration to guarantee your spot. Remaining balance is due January 15th.

Note: Workshop fee includes all activities, ground transportation, guide fees and lodging. It does not include international air transportation to Iceland, meals or beverages. We will pick you up and drop off either direct from/to the airport or a hotel in Reykjavik.


Cancellation Policy

Cancel more than 60 days before start of workshop: Full refund minus $500 fee.

Cancel 60 days before start of workshop: 75% refund.

Cancel 30 days before start of workshop: 50% refund.

Cancel less than 30 days before start of workshop: no refund.

Questions and Contact Information

If you have questions about this event or wish to sign up over the phone, please email info@evosia.com or call 310-980-8645


About Henry Jun Wah Lee

Henry Jun Wah Lee is an internationally-recognized filmmaker and photographer. His work has appeared worldwide on television and film. They have also been featured on Yahoo, MSN, AOL, The Weather Channel, Gizmodo, Mashable, Petapixel, io9, NPR, Pitchfork, Huffington Post, Slate, LA TImes, The Atlantic, and many more.

Henry’s clients include Canon, Samsung, Panasonic, LG, Mitsubishi, Sigur Ros, Mono, BBC, PBS, Epson, the United Nations, the British Government and the European Union.

Read a recent interview with Henry in The Atlantic.




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