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Dauðalogn is a spiritual and meditative journey into nature. Since the time of our earliest ancestors, nature has been a source for inspiration, imagination, and wisdom. Nature is where we come from. Even in this modern age, its energy still flows through our veins. Being in nature, we see the world our ancestors saw: a […]

One of the most amazing sunsets I’ve ever experienced. Shot at the Patriarch Grove in the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest on August 22 with rain clouds looming over head, mother nature put on a show. Rain, lightning, double rainbows and golden light.

A joint collaboration with rock / ambient / experimental band MONO, Legend takes you on an epic 12 minute visual and aural journey through Iceland’s breathtaking landscapes during the time of the midnight sun. The film travels across Iceland, from the floating blue icebergs of Jokulsarlon’s glacial lagoon to the steaming geothermic vents of Myvatn, […]

Photo of the glacier lake, Jokulsarlon, in Iceland. This is a still frame from a 4K time-lapse sequence. Our 4K film from Iceland will be released very soon. Follow us on Facebook for the latest news and updates.

The transit of Venus in front of the Sun is a special event that takes place only a few times per century. The next one isn’t until 2117. The above photo was taken on June 5, 2012 at 3:12pm Pacific time on Mt. Wilson in Los Angeles. You can see Venus just entering into view […]

Here’s a meteor captured on camera of this year’s Lyrids meteor shower. This is a still frame from a timelapse sequence. Stay tuned for the video! [ad#728×90]

[ad#728×90] The Galactic core of the Milky Way above the White Mountains in California. Shot at 12,000 ft in the Patriarch Grove of the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest.

[ad#728×90] Take a journey through the wilderness in the heart of the American Southwest. The Eastern Sierras, Grand Canyon, Upper and Lower Antelope Canyons, Rattlesnake Canyon, Vermillion Cliffs, North Coyote Buttes, the Wave, Yosemite National Park, Monument Valley, Grand Staircase Escalante and the December 2011 Lunar Eclipse. Here’s a list of the scenes in the […]

[ad#728×90] Winter arrived late here at the Wave in the Coyote Buttes North. I’ve seen many amazing photos of this place when mother nature is nice. But I wanted to see it at a time when mother nature gets a bit cranky. Timing could’t have been better as the snow started to fall just as […]

Happy new year from Upper Antelope Canyon in Page, Az! Wishing you all a happy and productive year!

Original with music by Hans Zimmer: New Version for Jane Goodall Live with music by Justin R. Durban I grew up in the city — a world constructed of steel, concrete and asphalt. My view of the night sky was the moon and the handful of stars bright enough to outshine the glow of city […]

[ad#728×90] I was filming in the Ancient Bristlecone Pine forest on the night of July 3rd. I just experienced an amazing orange-red sunset and as the light was fading, the clouds looked like they were disappearing for a perfect night of clear skies to capture the Milky Way. But as the Milky Way started rising […]

Shot in Joshua Tree National Park, this is the view of the galactic core of our galaxy. It’s an amazing view best seen in late Spring, Summer and early fall in the northern hemisphere. Head away from the light pollution of urban areas to a place that has a clear view of the east and […]

Called Hazdistazí, or “spiral rock arches” by the Navajo, Lower Antelope Canyon was formed through erosion by flash floods. Above is a view of the inside of the slot canyon. The water carves into the sandstone walls smoothing the rocks into beautiful flowing shapes and lines. This photo is available for sale as a digital […]

One of the causes I care deeply about is the issue of domestic violence. It is, unfortunately, often a problem that is still overlooked, downplayed, excused, or denied. Nearly three out of four (74%) Americans personally know someone who is or has been abused. One in four women (25%) has experienced domestic violence in her […]

[ad#728×90] Shot over the 2011 New Year weekend when a winter storm arrived in Yosemite. Overcast skies the first day, followed by heavy snow on the second day, partly cloudy the third day and sunny the fourth day. You’ll see a mixture of shots from the different weather conditions. Enjoy! Soundtrack: Xibalba by Clint Mansell

[ad#728×90] A total lunar eclipse is a rare event — the last one occurred back in 2008. Even rarer is one that takes place on the Winter Solstice when the Earth is tilted furthest from the sun. The last one happened in 1638, over three and a half centuries ago, and another won’t happen on […]

[ad#728×90] The Geminid meteor shower was spectacular this year. For this event, I headed out to the Eastern Sierras, around the Alabama Hills, and to Joshua Tree National park for 3 nights and 2 days. I was lucky enough not just to film the meteor shower under mostly clear skies, but I also filmed some […]

[ad#728×90] Autumn is a great time to be in Yosemite National Park. The summer crowds are gone, the temperatures cool down, and the leaves change color. It is also an unpredictable time of year. Last year, it was dry. No snow yet and the waterfalls were down to a trickle. This year early winter storms […]

[ad#728×90] [nggallery id=12] [ad#728×90] Timelapse night photography of the Leonid Meteor shower over Joshua Tree National Park. Shot between 12:30am and 5:00am on the morning of November 18, 2010. Due to the brightness of the moon, it was difficult to see the showers until after it set, which was around 3:30am. You’ll see a few […]

Film by Henry Jun Wah Lee and Kim Reid. Music: Sinking Friendships by Jónsi. Recorded live at the Wiltern. We had a great time shooting this timelapse film of Jónsi’s concert at The Wiltern Theatre in Los Angeles on Oct. 17, 2010. The concert was truly amazing – Jónsi’s music, his band, the stunning visuals, […]

Owens Valley is between the Eastern Sierras and the White Mountains in California. Photographers flock to this area around early October to capture the fall colors. I also love coming here to visit Mono Lake and the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest. There’s also the Alabama Hills, Mount Whitney — the tallest peak in the continental […]

Summer is the best time to catch glimpses of the galactic center of the Milky Way. This photo was taken in Joshua Tree National Park on August 13, 2010. The galactic core of the Milky Way was visible after sunset in the South-Southeast direction but the milky way extends completely across the sky from horizon […]

Timelapse video tour of Yosemite National Park. You’ll see Tunnel view, Valley View, Cook’s Meadow, Bridalveil Falls, Nevada Falls, Mist Trail, El Capitan, Yosemite Falls, Half Dome, and much more. These were all taken during my recent trip to Yosemite in Mid-May 2010. Enjoy! [ad#728×90]