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On Youtube:  On Vimeo: The sacred mountains of 黄山 Huangshan, China have been a magnet for emperors, artists and monks for centuries. Its dramatic landscapes and granite peaks has inspired numerous classic paintings and poems in Chinese culture. I travelled here during the winter and autumn seasons over the span of a year. The […]

On Youtube:  On Vimeo:  Tempest captures the epic summer monsoon season in the American Southwest and features surreal landscapes, torrential rains, storm clouds, lightning, dust storms (haboobs), and the galactic core Milky Way. Captured in 8K and edited in 60 frames per second, experience the American Southwest like you’re never seen it before. […]

On Youtube:  On Vimeo:  The Dolomites is filled with absolutely epic mountains. Craggy peaks, razor sharp edges, expansive views, hovering clouds and epic light made this an unforgettable destination. Shot in 8K with the Nikon D850, Zeiss Otus 28mm, 55mm, 85mm, Zeiss Distagon 135mm, and Nikon 14-24mm. Processed with LRTimelapse. Available for licensing […]

Photo of the glacier lake, Jokulsarlon, in Iceland. This is a still frame from a 4K time-lapse sequence. Our 4K film from Iceland will be released very soon. Follow us on Facebook for the latest news and updates.

[ad#728×90] Winter arrived late here at the Wave in the Coyote Buttes North. I’ve seen many amazing photos of this place when mother nature is nice. But I wanted to see it at a time when mother nature gets a bit cranky. Timing could’t have been better as the snow started to fall just as […]

[ad#728×90] I was filming in the Ancient Bristlecone Pine forest on the night of July 3rd. I just experienced an amazing orange-red sunset and as the light was fading, the clouds looked like they were disappearing for a perfect night of clear skies to capture the Milky Way. But as the Milky Way started rising […]

Shot in Joshua Tree National Park, this is the view of the galactic core of our galaxy. It’s an amazing view best seen in late Spring, Summer and early fall in the northern hemisphere. Head away from the light pollution of urban areas to a place that has a clear view of the east and […]

Called Hazdistazí, or “spiral rock arches” by the Navajo, Lower Antelope Canyon was formed through erosion by flash floods. Above is a view of the inside of the slot canyon. The water carves into the sandstone walls smoothing the rocks into beautiful flowing shapes and lines. This photo is available for sale as a digital […]

[ad#728×90] A total lunar eclipse is a rare event — the last one occurred back in 2008. Even rarer is one that takes place on the Winter Solstice when the Earth is tilted furthest from the sun. The last one happened in 1638, over three and a half centuries ago, and another won’t happen on […]

Happy New Year everyone! First sunrise of the new year, taken from the top of Griffith Park.

We’re having a cold spell here in Los Angeles and I caught my cats, Moo and Miao, snuggling together in one of their cat beds by the front balcony. Very cute! Miao is the orange one in the front. He was found when he was only a few weeks old, alone and flea ridden, in […]

Autumn in Yosemite is a beautiful sight. Trees turn all shades of yellows, oranges and reds. The trick is knowing when the colors turn because it is weather dependent. This picture was taken back in October on a bridge crossing the Merced River. [ad#728×90]

Native to the dry and flooded forests of Indonesia and Papua New Guinea, the Scheepmaker’s Crowned Pigeon is related to the common gray pigeon we see on the streets of big cities around the world. Their unique feature is their striking headdresses of blue-grey lacy feathers and beautiful maroon feathers on their breasts and bellies. […]

At over 4,700 years old, the Ancient Bristlecone Pines are the oldest living trees in the world. They are found in the higher elevations of mountains in the American Southwest — California, Nevada, and Utah. The oldest trees live above 10,000 feet in extreme conditions where soil, nutrients and moisture are scarce, and winters come […]

Snow leopards are native to the mountain ranges of Central Asia. They are an endangered species, and it has been estimated that between 3,500 to 7,000 exist in the wild. Between 600 and 700, like this 6 month old cub, are found in zoos worldwide. [ad#728×90]

I was shooting in the Los Angeles Arboretum a few days ago and wandered upon a group of turtles perched on top of a floating log. At first glance, turtles don’t seem like interesting subjects.  They don’t move much, standing in the same spot for hours at a time sun bathing and perhaps contemplating the […]

The Leonid meteor showers occur every year around November 17th-18th and I decided to make the crazy 5 hour round trip drive away from the lights of Los Angeles to the dark sky of Joshua Tree National Park in one night. Altogether I saw about 15-20 meteors per hour in the wee hours of the […]

Autumn colors in Owens Valley near June Lake, Mono Lake, Lake Sabrina, Bishop, Rock Creek, Big Pine, Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest and more. [nggallery id=1] [ad#728×90]