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Autumn in Yosemite is a beautiful sight. Trees turn all shades of yellows, oranges and reds. The trick is knowing when the colors turn because it is weather dependent. This picture was taken back in October on a bridge crossing the Merced River. [ad#728×90]

At over 4,700 years old, the Ancient Bristlecone Pines are the oldest living trees in the world. They are found in the higher elevations of mountains in the American Southwest — California, Nevada, and Utah. The oldest trees live above 10,000 feet in extreme conditions where soil, nutrients and moisture are scarce, and winters come […]

The Leonid meteor showers occur every year around November 17th-18th and I decided to make the crazy 5 hour round trip drive away from the lights of Los Angeles to the dark sky of Joshua Tree National Park in one night. Altogether I saw about 15-20 meteors per hour in the wee hours of the […]

Autumn colors in Owens Valley near June Lake, Mono Lake, Lake Sabrina, Bishop, Rock Creek, Big Pine, Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest and more. [nggallery id=1] [ad#728×90]