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2016 Winter Northern Lights Timelapse Workshop in Iceland

February 14th– 20th, 2016

Join timelapse filmmaker / photographer Henry Jun Wah Lee for an epic Winter Northern Lights workshop and adventure in Iceland. February is a perfect time to capture northern lights, ice caves, snow covered landscapes, glaciers, waterfalls, and more. We will show you why Iceland is a photographer and filmmaker’s paradise.

This intermediate level timelapse and photography workshop is recommended for experienced photographers with some experience shooting and processing timelapses. Henry’s Intro to Timelapse workshop, offered several times each year, is highly recommended to get you prepared for the journey. This workshop is limited to only 5 participants so we can provide an optimum environment for the different skill levels in the group. We will start and end in the capital of Reykjavik.

You will learn how to shoot different kinds of auroras, as well as hone your skills with day, day to night, and astro timelapses both on static tripods and motion control equipment. We will spend a lot of time shooting so you will have plenty of opportunities to hone your skills and apply what you are learning. You will also learn how to process and edit your shots into professional 4K resolution timelapse videos using Adobe Lightroom, After Effects and LRTimelapse.

Please note that while the highest priority for the workshop will be shooting Northern Lights, it is ultimately up to mother nature and what the prevailing weather and solar conditions allow for.

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LRTimelapse - advanced time lapse photography made easy.


What You Will Learn


Timelapse photography is both an art and a science.  You will learn all of the skills and techniques Henry uses to shoot professional quality timelapses, including planning, shooting, processing and editing. More importantly, you get to learn the essence of timelapse beyond equipment and numbers that you can not get from books or online forums. For seven days you will be fully immersed in the craft of capturing the magic of nature through timelapse.

What You Will Need to Bring



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Workshop Fee: $5295

A nonrefundable $1000 deposit is due upon registration to guarantee your spot. The remaining balance is due in 2 equal installments on January 1st and February 1st, 2016.

Note: Workshop fee includes ground transportation during the workshop, guide fees and snacks. It does not include lodging (approx. $125-150 per night), international transportation to Iceland, or meals. Please inquire for more details.


Cancellation Policy

Due to the small size of this workshop, there is a $1000 nonrefundable fee if you cancel.

Cancel after January 15th: No refund

Questions and Contact Information

If you have questions about this event or wish to sign up over the phone, please email info@evosia.com or call 310-980-8645


About Henry Jun Wah Lee

Henry Jun Wah Lee is an internationally-recognized filmmaker and photographer. His work has appeared worldwide on television and film. They have also been featured on National Geographic, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, The Weather Channel, Gizmodo, Mashable, Petapixel, io9, NPR, Pitchfork, Huffington Post, Slate, LA TImes, The Atlantic, and many more.

Henry’s clients include Canon, Samsung, Panasonic, LG, Sigur Ros, Mono, BBC, PBS, Epson, SmugMug, Japan Railroad Company, the British Government and the European Union.

Read a recent interview with Henry in The Atlantic.

About Thorvardur Arnason

Dr. Thorvardur Arnason (Þorvarður Árnason) is a multi-disciplinary environmental scholar and landscape photographer/filmmaker who lives in Hornafjordur, Southeast Iceland, close to the Vatnajökull glacier. His main work involves research and teaching for the University of Iceland, concerning e.g. the aesthetic experience of nature, the foundations of nature conservation, and human perceptions of global warming. Thorvardur studied experimental filmmaking at Concordia University in Montréal and has also been an active photographer for over three decades. He has produced several short films and published an Iceland photography book.


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