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Summer Creative Meditation Getaway in Joshua Tree: June 23-25, 2023

Joshua Tree night sky

Escape from June Gloom and join Henry for a fun and illuminating weekend in Joshua Tree unlocking creative and artistic energy through Qigong meditation, art and nature!

For this weekend, we will be learning and practicing Qigong meditation to help unlock our creative potential. We will be working with our hands, opening our hearts and expanding our minds. We will also be learning from nature — from the Joshua Trees, the bright core of the Milky Way lighting the night sky, and the amazing light at sunrise and sunset. Most importantly, we’ll be having fun!

Bring a notebook, canvas, journal, pencils, brushes, or whatever artistic medium you want to use. Dancing, singing, playing musical instruments can also be qigong. We are going to translate our Qi into artistic creations.

Here’s a breakdown of the weekend:

– Check-in anytime after 3pm
– Individual health consultations and acupuncture treatments available during the day
– Welcome and introductions to the weekend
– Potluck Dinner
– Enjoy the sunset, Milky Way and the stars!

– Morning Qigong meditation and creative session
– Mid Day: Free time to hang out at the house or wander into town. Reflect, explore and discover.
– Afternoon Qigong meditation and creative session
– Potluck Dinner + 5 element cooking session
– Enjoy the sunset, Milky Way and the stars!

– Morning Qigong meditation and Qi chat
– Weekend closing
– Individual health consultations and acupuncture treatments available
– Checkout by 11am.

The Space:
We are staying at a home that Henry personally renovated and features his art work. The house is located just 5 minutes from the national park and under 10 minutes from restaurants, shopping and supermarkets. The house has a jacuzzi, fire pit, full kitchen, lounge chairs, washer/dryer and more.

Weekend Fee:
Private Bedroom, shared bath (2 nights): $299

Couples welcome! Add $50 to your total fee.

Includes 2 night lodging, all group activities and access to the house, kitchen and all amenities.

Venmo to @evosia

You must send payment in order to reserve your room!

Stay for additional nights at the house for $99/night.
Private Health consultation and Acupuncture: $95

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